To be confident I would arrive on time and safely to appointments played a huge part in my recovery from injuries. Evelyn's skill at scheduling appointments, revising dates & times is unmatched! Plus she always made a follow-up call the day before for confirmations. I had many appointments and Audie was always right on time. I was in a transport chair for most of the appointments and he was very professional and gentle. Our trips were marked with many interesting conversations + I could forget my injuries for a while! I would not hesitate to use this service again. I'm a believer!!!

~ Lorraine ~ December 2015 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport LLC

Care Wagon

Medical Transport LLC

Excellent transport service. :)

Due to my disability, I have very few options for transportation to my doctor appointments. I was glad to receive a referral to Care Wagon Medical Transport and have been very pleased with their availability and reliability.

~ Vernon S. ~ March 2016 ~ Fontana

Care Wagon Medical Transport wheelchair accessible non-emergency transportation
We Get You There With Care! Care Wagon Medical Transport LLC
Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review FT13
Care Wagon Medical Transport will get you there with care!
Care Wagon Medical Transport Customer Review LS16
Care Wagon Medical Transport ~ We Get You There With Care!

​​This was the first time using your service, the Office Staff was professional and willing to accommodate our transportation needs. Our Driver was prompt and courteous. Thank you very much!

~ Bill & Isabel G. ~ August 2015 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Customer Review
Care Wagon Medical Transport Customer Client Review RR

Care Wagon's Service is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Both Evelyn and Audie were fabulous with us in regards to our transport experience. It could not have been a more safe, pleasurable experience for my mother-in-law (90 yrs. old) & myself. The cost is VERY Competitive with all other companies and the van was immaculate (other transport service - not so clean). We will use this company every chance we get. Thank you so much to Evelyn & Audie for making a rough experience (Dr. Appointment) - great!

​~ Brenda & Charlotte C. ~ March 2017 ~ ~ Rialto, CA ~

Review form

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Reviews
We Get You There With Care! Care Wagon Medical Transport LLC

Fantastic Service at a Great Price!

I can't express how much of a blessing Care Wagon was to take care of us! Their van was very clean and clutter free. Our driver was so wonderful; I've never had anyone ever push my mom in her chair for me and our driver just took the chair away and pushed her into the medical center for her appointment!

We definitely recommend this transportation service.

~ Julie M. & Mary A. ~ September 2017 ~ 

Care Wagon took us to our son's house for our family Thanksgiving and the Service was Excellent!

On time service, excellent office staff and driver. I was overall very satisfied with the Care and Service we received. I definitely recommend their services.

​~ Ernest & Bertha B. ~ December 2017 ~

Customer feedback is also very important to potential clients regarding the quality of our services.

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Care Wagon Medical Transport receives great reviews.

                                                                               Great door-to-door service! On time every time.

Audie is always a gentleman and very helpful with my wife who suffers from Alzheimer's and needs gentle care in these upsetting trips. Prices are the best in the local market. Care Wagon is the Best. 

I have used three other services but will always call Care Wagon first!

           ~ Jim and JoAnne T. ~ September 2016 ~

relationship that our mom and her driver, Audie, quickly developed and he means the world to her. Mom enjoys her outings now, always makes it to her appointments on time, and in great spirits!

I am so grateful that they started 'Care Wagon' because if they hadn't, our mom would not have been able to experience such an excellent caring service. No other service we've tried even comes close to Care Wagon's reliable and caring service. They really are the best!

~ Matt & Ruth G. ~ December 2017 ~

This company is FANTASTIC! Searching the internet for some medical transportation company that would handle transport of a wheelchair-bound Disabled Veteran to Ontario Airport at 2:00 a.m., I was being met with much non-support. Most of the ones I called would not even TALK to me after I said the trip would be at 2:00 a.m., even though all of their ads claimed 24/7 service. When I reached Evelyn at Care Wagon, she was very courteous and helpful, and she issued the contract for transport right away, at a reasonable price! She even called me the evening before the trip, to reassure me that the van would be there on time.

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Reviews

Care Wagon Medical Transport is Excellent!

I cannot express how much we greatly appreciate their help in transporting our mom.

I had several bad experiences with other reputable and recommended transport service companies and were more expensive. So we were exceeding surprised and pleased with both their services and rates.

Audie (Driver) & Evelyn (dispatcher) are the best!

Babette & Ruth R. ~ March 2016 ~  

~ ​Rancho Cucamonga, CA ~

Overall Services provided are excellent. Evelyn is very accommodating, helpful and professional. The drivers are as well. My mother-in-law, her caregiver and myself are VERY happy with Care Wagon and we Highly Recommend them.

~ Maryann and June W. ~ May 2016 ~

Excellent Transportation Service! My driver is always right on time every week and makes sure I'm comfortable and safe while traveling in his Care Wagon. We always have a great visit talking about kids & what is going on in our lives. I feel like I know 'CM' (his grandson) and he made the best cookies with a little help from Grandpa.

Care Wagon Medical Transport really has a great team! ​~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA ~

~ Gail C. ~ January 2016 ~

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~ Featured Client Review ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review JB16 We Get You There With Care!
Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review SO14

Excellent overall service and I appreciate the rate as my income is pitiful!

Our driver actually arrived early to pick us up and was very kind & gentle with my daughter.

He drove very carefully and we felt safe while traveling in the Care Wagon.

~ Grace and Angeline H. ~ September 2016 ~

Excellent Transport Service! Very polite and courteous. Felt comfortable and safe while traveling in the Care Wagon. 

Very easy and always made it to appointments with plenty of time.

Shelley and Jackie D. ~ January 2016 ~

As for the driver, Audie, and his van, everything is top notched. Van is very clean and organized, Audie is courteous, friendly, a safe driver, on time or even before pick up time, and professional in every aspect.  All safety protocols were followed in loading and unloading from the van and the safety of the client is his main priority.

He even takes all bumps as easy as he can while in route.

I doubt there is another transport service out there that can compare and

I fully recommend using Care Wagon Medical Transport. And I will use no other.

~ Smiley & Jeannette K. ~ March 2016 ~


I've been taken to and from my medical procedures a couple of times by Care Wagon.

The driver always arrived on time and even came inside the medical center to get me when I was discharged.

                     ​~ Eddie W. ~ April 2017 ~  Rancho Cucamonga, CA ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport is the best!

Both the office personnel and the drivers are excellent! Scheduling our transportation is quick and easy, and our driver is so very nice and caring. But the best part of all, is that our driver is always on time to pick us up before AND after our appointments! The price is well worth the quality of services received. We will never use any other transport company again and we highly recommend this company!

​~ Duane & Mildred N. ~ September 2016 ~ ~ Rialto, CA ~

Customer Review Photo for Care Wagon Medical Transport

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​​​"We Get You There With Care!"

Excellent Services!!! The office staff's effort to accommodate our transportation needs is excellent.

The Care Wagon is always neat and clean. The driver always arrives on time and is Always courteous and caring! We are very pleased with the service and very satisfied with the prices.

~ Nelly and John D. ~ March 2016 ~


Medical Transportation Services

Customer Reviews

Evelyn Denby, CEO

Client Customer Review for Care Wagon Medical Transport

Care Wagon Medical Transport is an excellent service. Evelyn in the office is very pleasant to deal with on the phone and she makes scheduling our appointments extremely easy. Our driver always arrives on time and keeps his van clean and organized. He drives very carefully and we always feel comfortable and safe while traveling to our appointments.

I always call Care Wagon first when we need a ride for my uncle's doctor appointments.

~ Brent and Harold O. ~ April 2016 ~ Rancho Cucamonga

​Fantastic Service!  Care Wagon Medical Transport made it possible for my daughter to attend a very important family wedding! She had such a Wonderful Time and was so happy she was able to attend the wedding. She was extremely pleased with the service and felt very comfortable during her trip! We have continued using Care Wagon for Doctor, Therapy and Hairdresser appointments.

~ Donna & Brenda C. ~ August 2017 ~

Care Wagon is exactly what I need for transporting my aging, wheelchair bound dad to his doctor appointments. We have received rides from them several times. They have been able to accommodate us at the time on the days that we have requested. They have also been very gracious on 2 occasions when we needed to cancel on the day of a ride (due to the Physician being ill) and reschedule for a future date. The driver is friendly, courteous, kind and prompt. 

Dad & I enjoy our travels with Care Wagon and we definitely recommend their services!

​~ Brenda and Waldon F. ~ December 2016 ~

Received feedback is used to ensure that we continue

to live up to our Care Wagon promise:

Care Wagon is Excellent and Audie is an awesome driver. With my Dad's broken leg, the bumps in the road were painful for him and Audie did the very best he could to navigate the roads and try to make the ride as comfortable as he could. He is professional, courteous and a genuinely nice guy. Evelyn was always accommodating schedule-wise and if a time didn't work out, we tried to tweak our schedules just so we could use Care Wagon services. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Keep up the good work Care Wagon! :)

Diane and Leroy D. ~ January 2016 ~

I was so happy & grateful to find Care Wagon Medical Transport!

Care Wagon Medical Transportation. We Get You There With Care!
"Care Wagon is a dependable and caring transportation service."

Care Wagon has Excellent On Time Service. Our driver was very professional and caring!

​~ Marie & Mary ~ August 2015 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport

2026 N. Riverside Avenue Suite C

Rialto CA 92377 US

(909) 428-CARE (2273)

Such a Wonderful medical transportation company!

Always right on time and everyone is so friendly and kind. My brother and I only use Care Wagon so we always schedule our appointments far in advance to make sure we fit into their schedule.

~ Virginia & Willy R. March 2016 ~

​Care Wagon is a dependable and caring transportation service. Having reliable transportation is extremely important to us and Care Wagon delivers excellent service.

Everyone is so friendly and we're very pleased with the service. It's such a relief not to have to worry anymore about our transportation for our mom's doctor appointments and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to our next appointment!

​~ Matthew, Patty & Ruth G. ~ September 2017 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review GC16

Naturally, Audie was there a few minutes early, to make sure the trip went smoothly, as it did. This is the type of company my generation was used to dealing with, but which you can rarely find in this millennium generation!

~ Don O. and Tim D. ~ May 2016 ~

The way they've cared for my mom and our family is fantastic.

We all love the wonderful

I don't like to use any other company.   

Very helpful awesome driver and office person. I trust you will have the same experience as I did.

~ David & Zeus G. ~ March 2016 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review KB13

We always choose Care Wagon!      

The service is Excellent, their prices are very reasonable and the staff is always prompt and courteous. We are always comfortable and feel safe while traveling to our appointments.

We definitely recommend this medical transportation service.

John, Dorothy & Gina ~ October 2015 ~

~ Rialto, CA ~

My dad and I really appreciate your service. Your willingness to work with us to meet my dad's transportation needs

is fabulous! You are both so friendly and kind. Thank you very much!

Phyllis and John S. ~ February 2016 ~ 

Care Wagon Medical Transport. We Get You There With Care!

Having used the services of Care Wagon Medical Transport a couple times already and a third scheduled for my wife's surgery date, I am ever so glad to have found this service located right here in Rialto in which I live. It was nice dealing with Evelyn on the phone for scheduling and pricing because she was very professional in all aspects and she went out of her way to insure our times would work out and put the client's needs her highest priority. The prices are very reasonable.

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review Photo

The service was great! I received a pick up reminder call and my ride arrived on time.

I definitely recommend this service for medical procedure transportation.

​~ Richard R. ~ April 2017 ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review LS16

​An excellent non-emergency transport service!

The office staff is excellent and the Care Wagon Driver is so wonderful; very kind and always on time.

I can schedule multiple stops and have my driver wait for me at my appointment, which makes pick up immediate! We always enjoy our trips to our appointments and we highly recommend Care Wagon.

~ Linda W. ~ December 2016 ~

The service was Excellent and well worth the price! 

They were extremely understanding and helpful in our situation when our family plans fell through. Our driver was very caring and went above and beyond by staying with our mom the whole time to make sure everything went well.

We highly recommend this wheelchair accessible transportation service.

~ Laurie  & Donna G. ~ February 2016 ~  

~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA ~

An Excellent Transportation Service! 

Care Wagon Medical Transport has made it possible for me to join my family for all our holiday get-togethers during the past few years. Evelyn's effort to accommodate my transportation needs for these special events is amazing. She usually calls to confirm my scheduled transportation and does her best to update my family during my journey on these busy holidays. My Care Wagon Driver always arrives on time, is very courteous and drives carefully so I always feel relaxed and safe. These special times are extremely important to our family and I look forward to joining them.

​~ Irene A & Family ~ May 2017 ~

Care Wagon's Service

is Priceless!

Very pleased with this medical transportation service! Excellent Driver and Office Personnel.

Burrieta & Evelyn P. ~ November 2015 ~ 

Care Wagon took us to our family Christmas Party. The service was Excellent in every way!!

Scheduling was so easy, we received a confirmation call the day prior to our appointment and a check-in phone call on Christmas morning that our Care Wagon was on the way to pick us up. Our driver arrived on time in a clean and

well equipped van, was very pleasant and helpful with my husband in a wheelchair, and we felt very safe and comfortable while traveling to our party. We were very satisfied with the service and have recommended their service to our Assisted Living Unit, our Social Worker and the Medical Center! 

​~ Ardys & Ken H. ~ January 2018 ~  Redlands, CA ~

Care Wagon Medical Transport Customer Reviews

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~ Matt & Ruth G. ~ December 2017~  

~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA ~

Excellent Transportation Service. Great office staff and a very caring driver. The Care Wagon was very clean,

well equipped and we felt safe and comfortable traveling to and from our Family Thanksgiving Party.

My husband and I had such a wonderful time, we scheduled another trip for Christmas Eve.

Connie and Al T. ~ December 2015 ~ 

We Get You There With Care!
Care Wagon Medical Transport Client Customer Review LT16
Care Wagon Client Customer Review DG16

We invite You To Become Part Of Our Care Wagon Family!

Care Wagon Medical Transport offers non emergency transportation service

and takes pride in providing the finest wheelchair accessible transportation with a caring touch.

Excellent In Every Way! Quality of service is what matters most to me and I was looking for the best.

Care Wagon Medical Transport is it! My driver was very nice and pleasant to be with.

Even the Care Wagon Van was very impressive! I will be using this service again for future appointments.

~ Carole R. ~ March 2016 ~