Medical Transport LLC

​​​​​Care Wagon Medical Transport is currently providing our non emergency medical transportation services to Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Ontario, Upland, Claremont, Colton, Redlands, and Loma Linda, California areas with plans to expand our service area in the future.

It's Who We Are &What We Do

Non emergency transportation to special events.

Our Care Wagons

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation to Family Holiday Celebration Gatherings.
Elderly Non Medical Transportation for Family Visits. We Get You There With Care!

For more information about all the various services we offer, please click on the "Care Wagon Services​" button below

or Call (909) 428-CARE (2273) to discuss your individual non emergency transportation needs.

Your Care Wagon will arrive equipped with an ADA approved hydraulic lift to accommodate your wheelchair, chair securing devices for your safety, rear heater/air conditioner vents for your comfort, additional rear seating for a ride-along nurse or family member when required. 
Our Care Wagon is spotlessly maintained both inside & out and regular maintenance procedures are strictly enforced.

Non emergency Medical Transportation for Disabled Senior Citizens.
Medical Transportation with Companion and Wait/Standby Services

​​​​A non-emergency Care Wagon will pick you up & take you where you need to be ... 

Medical Appointments

Doctor, Dentist, Therapy, Surgery, Dialysis, Lab Tests and Many Other Medical Destinations.

"We Get You There With Care!

We Get You There With Care!

Our Care Wagon Team

Care Wagon Medical Transport LLC

Care Wagon

Care Wagon Medical Transport in Rialto, California provides everyday wheelchair accessible 

non medical transportation services, as well as non emergency transportation services to medical appointments for the elderly and disabled with caring touch. We're family owned & family operated.

We enjoy making it possible for today's senior citizens with physical disabilities to attend important weddings, graduations, church services and family holiday gatherings!


We take great pride in offering wheelchair accessible transportation services for handicapped people and will do what it takes to live up to our Care Wagon promise ...

Transportation to Pharmacy for prescriptions.

​​Our Care Wagon helped make life so much easier for our family that we decided to form 'Care Wagon Medical Transport' to also help other families like ours by providing convenient door-through-door non-emergency transportation services along with some very important related personalized services in addition to our medical transportation services.

We are committed to providing excellent customer care and to ensure that you travel safely in comfort ​to and from medical appointments and your other non emergency destinations.

Our Care Wagon Story

Care Wagon Drivers

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation to non emergency Medical Appointments. We Get You There With Care!

The Story Behind Care Wagon Medical Transportation

Pharmacy & Other Stores

Pick up Groceries, Prescriptions, Pet Supplies, Clothing, Do Banking, and other errands.

Our Goal at Care Wagon Medical Transport is to help make life easier for other families like ours by providing convenient door-through-door non-emergency transportation services along with some very important related personalized services in addition to our medical transportation services. 

Our Service Area

... and sometimes, where you'd just like to go!

Our Care Wagon Medical Transport Team is much more than members just doing a job. Everyone from our office staff to the Care Wagon Driver must have the right personality with true compassion for the clients we serve and for their family.

Care Wagon Medical Transport invites you to be part of our Care Wagon Family

Your Care Wagon Driver has been trained to operate all equipment safely, is familiar with the local area, has a clean DMV record, is First-Aid and CPR Certified, follows all safety procedures, and has the understanding, experience and skills to get you there ​with Care!

Other Related Services

Companion / Accompany and Wait / Standby Services add well to our transportation services.

Transportation to non emergency medical appointments.
Our Care Wagon Medical Transport Story - We Get You There With Care!

Call Care Wagon Medical Transport (909) 428-CARE (2273) to discuss your non emergency medical transportation needs and to schedule your Care Wagon.

Non-emergency transportation with a caring touch! Care Wagon Medical Transport

We truly understand how difficult transportation can become for today's disabled senior citizens and for their family. Care Wagon Medical Transport was formed when transportation became a problem for our own parents.


When my parents became physically disabled and no longer able to drive themselves to doctor appointments or to the grocery store, we purchased a wheelchair accessible transport van. We called it their "Care Wagon to help us get you there with care!"

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation to visit a loved one.

We invite you to become part of our

Care Wagon Family!

Medical Transportation & Related Services

​​To see what our clients say about our non emergency medical transportation service, please click here

Your Care Wagon will arrive when scheduled, equipped with an ADA approved hydraulic lift to accommodate your wheelchair.

Special Events

Making Special Events possible for those with physical disabilities is our joy! 

Your Care Wagon Driver is ready to Get You There With Care!